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Program: Communications of Creative Media

Modules Software Applications Objectives
Communication, Research, and IT Microsoft Word - Communicate effectively in speech and writing.
- Display an understanding of the principles of academic writing.
Creative Design None - Getting to the essence of the message in designing.
- Communicates a clear visual messages in a professionally presented way, visually.
Creative Collaboration Development Various - Collate practical workshop skills.
- Act effectively in peer relationships and work as a team member.
35mm Photography None - Print from black and white film.
- Use an SLR and digital camera.
Introduction to Digital Audio/Visual Techiniques - Adobe Premiere Pro
- Understand and utilise the basic principles of shot composition, lighting and sequence shooting.
- Utilise a digital non-linear editing system to edit video and audio effectively.
Media and Communication Studies None - Learn to engage with and question the ways in which media content is constructed.
- Discuss the influence of the media in the production of contemporary culture.
Introduction to Web Authoring Atom - Create a set of basic, hyperlinked webpages using HTML.
- Create a CSS style sheet and apply this to their own original HTML page.
Visual Literacy Photoshop CS6 - Demonstrate a reflective design development process.
- Use an industry standard digital editing package to a basic level.
Writing for Creative Media Celtx - Demonstrate knowledge of the rudiments and techniques of writing for Film and New Media.
- Recognise and understand the 12 Stages of The Hero's Journey (Joseph Campbell).